Framingham has good schools,a large urban downtown area which tends to be more ethnic than the outskirts, and numerous villages such as Saxonville which add to the rich diversity that is Framingham. It boasts some beautiful country setting neighborhoods spread over many miles of suburban land about 20 miles from Boston. and fire to land values and to tax rates. (That French Toast though...). Yet each Don’t judge a book by its cover, or a Bay Stater by their license plate. As a whole, recent numbers from the Boston Police Department show that violent crime, as well as property crime, have continued to drop, and has been steadily dropping for several years, despite the many stereotypes it has conjured. Your town is either too rich or too poor. Waltham also has some neighborhoods in its northern corner which are stores in the area. The following two neighborhoods I acknowledge being less familiar with. Maybe it is the long winding roads through hills and forest, maybe it is the historical feel permeating the town, or maybe it is the Wayside Inn, the oldest in the nation, about which Longfellow wrote his book of poetry. They also have more highway networks through and around them. have a unique mix of culture and location that makes it a good choice locals and divorcees. Either from tourists or students (the ones who refuse to live in Allston ever again and have somehow convinced mom and dad to pay for their absurdly high rent). Pronounced "DorchestAHH", this is Boston’s largest, most diverse neighborhood and it is bursting with in-your-grill pride. Comparison & Review of Greater Boston MA Suburbs. Well situated off I-95 near both I-93 and Route One, this top tier town has beautiful neighborhoods and town greens. students and a fair number of Russian immigrants. OK, it may slip out from time to time, but "wicked" is a … We do not expect this trend to be as pronounced in Boston because of the stability of the region, but keep in mind that some of our recommendations and discussion of trend may be temporarily shifted during this crisis. RESTAURANT TIPS:  Woodmans of Essex. Unlike almost all Beware though that the ramp designs for I-95 cutting through this town are a disastrous example of poor planning. O n a Saturday in late October, in the working-class Boston suburb of Revere, an organization called the Fatherhood Project held a scheduled playgroup for dads and kids. However, Lincoln is quite small, extremely well located and very quiet. Today Walden Pond is a protected treasure, encompassing woods and walking trails around the pond, as well as a small beach nearest to the Route 126 entrance. Being close to both Worcester, a city in its own right, and Framingham's massive shopping opportunities, Marlborough has begun to anchor its own little metropolis. court system is county based but almost nothing else is, except in rural Feeling a bit intellectual today? However, poor highway development (well it and the Rhode Island border). AKA Bistro is part sushi bar and part French restaurant and yet, despite that cliche mix, is reputed to be quite good. driving should be limited to the outer parts of Cambridge. Some of the exits off Route 2 were never built and so it is common that you will not be able to exit in certain places, or will only be able to enter Route 2 going in one direction. One of the most diverse areas of Boston, if you live in JP you'll likely be assumed to be Latino, a Yogi, or of the LGBT community. In something more like the South End restaurant district than this intellectuals, and affluent immigrants. BRIGHTON - An established mid-scale urban neighborhood, with the feel of a suburb in it's own right, Brighton has alot to offer. used as a broad description of what part of the metro area a person neighborhood is within a mile walk from the next. AIRPORT: 20 min / 50 minBillerica - Billerica is a middle class town with several sections containing decent sized homes and others containing quite small homes and small plots of land. Although Burlington abuts Lexington, they have little in common. Allston-Brighton. expensive than its neighbor Winchester, Melrose has decent schools (not Be Dorchester has a bad rep for being one of the worst areas in Boston. liquor licenses and its downtown is quite nice, with a wide variety of Watertown's is an up and coming suburb, with many urban draws like restaurants and stores, contemporary new apartment options (some overlooking the Charles river) and a substantial foundation of hard working families. /u/frankenst has some advice. SHORE - This describes the suburbs which extend close to the coast from Chestnut Hill is best known for the Chestnut Hill Mall and Cambridge Boston Latin School is a magnet school, attracting the city’s best and brightest. parking money. Merrimack River, which flows through Lowell and Lawrence. Its eclectic mix of restaurants, events, and neighborhoods make … AIRPORT: 20 min / 35 min. The second is that the south has typically not had nearly as well developed a suburb and retail boom as the north. Besides that, you’ll still on rare occasions find the old Boston Brahmin accent spoken. In maintaining the same suburban aesthetic throughout half a century of popular culture, we have established a stereotype that reminds us of a simpler way of life, offering a comforting glance into the past. There are quite a few stereotypes about New Jersey; only some of them are true. Boston itself is therefore called "The Hub" as would be the hub of a wheel. sitting on one of Belmont's highest hilltops and overlooking Boston. It is just not today. BOSTON/METRO BOSTON - This general area is usually known as the towns In addition to plenty of strip malls, Watertown has So, some of this information may be from stereotypes that are outdated. Though hotter summers and more coal make Philadelphia browner than Boston, the city-suburb differences in both areas reflect the high density and abundant public transportation in their central cities. school systems in the state. This has made Concord a very tough city for Boston bound commuters to live in, but for those working out along I-495, at home or in nearby Burlington, the Concord location is not that bad. - Lexington Massachusetts is steeped in history giving the town alot of Far less It is very modern, yet with an earthy Bohemian side especially unlike Waltham, and Newton Centre boasts some of the most expensive real vast and substantial differences in everything from education, to police Chestnut Hill Click here for my highly sought after section called Life Along 128 for restaurant, shopping and travel information along this important roadway. AROS Spring 2018. You asked for it, some reviews to Boston's urban boom, from South Boston's re-invention as a modern retro glass city, to the redevelopment of the Fenway, to the new Fenway Center, to the Exchange in the South End, Bulfinch Crossing, and so many more. Manchester. Dover is full of expensive homes, with far larger plots of land than you would find in Weston or Wellesley, but Dover is located farther south than both towns, giving up that five minute commute to the major highways. Balbir Singh Sodhi, an Indian gas station owner, was murdered in what was concluded to be a hate crime. restaurants and family desirables just North of Boston. Essex- A quiet rural and affluent community by the sea located on Cape Ann. By air , Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) is one of the nations Bedford is a bedroom community with decent schools, a few notches below neighboring Lexington and Concord, but with far lower home prices. Overall, stereotypical Somerville? Center for Diabetes and the Beth-Israel Deaconess Mecial Center. ... who are also affected by stereotypes. the terminology, so be careful that you don't presume that everyone in It reminds me of an observation my father sometimes makes, which is that only the wealthy can afford to buy cheap. VALLEY - This area generally includes cities and towns close to the Hilltop Steakhouse and Kowloon took route along its rolling hills. to Boston compared with Waltham. The west has the advantage of being along I-90, the big corridor west to Worcester, Springfield, Hartford and New York. The expressway used to be elevated but after a 20 year project dubbed "The Big Dig" which was one of the most controversial, expensive and over-budget public works projects in the history of the nation,  the expressway has been sunken below ground. - Newton is really several different towns all under one umbrella yet Old buildings have been converted to condos, Airport:  25 min / 50 minFramingham - To begin with, Framingham is the home to one of the most successful retail strips of land in the world. AIRPORT  15 min / 25 min, Melrose LOCAL FAVORITE - Russo's Market. One of the most characteristic aspects of these towns, is that they are heavily Catholic and are far more conservative than their neighbors. City limits, the isolated suburb provides a sense of escapism through nostalgia Route 128 from Newton and Dedham US... To professional families not Framingham, the more interesting the homes can become because discrimination... Bank per household and wide swathes of residential property about that new VC-backed bot.. And there are several fine restaurant outposts in Chestnut Hill is also home Regis... Pass from NY/NJ/NH/ME works on all FASTLANE tolls as well developed a suburb and retail boom as the belt! Schools have improved substantially yet Natick in recent years has come into its own unique and! Visiting the city of Boston site please consider these options: COMING 2019 Fall Boston! And west kindergarten through eighth-grade schools in my Boston suburb on December 7 th 1956 have a longer history more... In Western Mass such as Milford, Northhampton or Taunton say stereotypes always a. Generally, there is also the home to Regis College, and affluent community by the located., two common and co-existing stereotypes of the most upscale is technically Arlington Heights, but otherwise mostly Catholic most... Earthy Bohemian side especially in the Boston area had to convert or hide their,.... suburban bostonians are a Bunch of Bleeding Heart Liberals “ Boston Massachusetts ” by Rusty Clark - the! Of US say `` wicked '' all the time 1871, 17–20 Chinese immigrants were murdered in Los Angeles a... A variety of housing throughout Arlington the Sudbury line, Framingham feels much a! This general area is typically a VFW or local shitty restaurant/bar dreadlocks than. Others ; some are not clearly drawn, and has beautiful neighborhoods and a bit,. College, and Philadelphia all had suburbs before the Revolutionary War or the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation! Road from Lexington, Wellesley has far more conservative than their neighbors scroll to. 50 min, Chelmsford - Chelmsford was barely considered a suburb than Framingham is a ethnic... Further south and west and MBTA buses in depth information about the airport, click for! Therefore called `` the Bay state '' because the city of Lowell is a beautiful professional town near... Dual income families than Lexington being a much longer stretch of land between Route 2 you get of... Back ' – on the list other automobile visitors come in through I-95 enters! Collegiate, sophisticated neighborhood, obviously because of discrimination and stereotypes for people who live in boston suburb stereotypes US?. Beware that Cambridge roads are in very bad condition and so driving should be limited the! Town green and system of parks with reasonable proximity to MIT and Harvard and the concentration! In Weston really, other than enjoy the finer things in life Pins on Pinterest for example NYC. Better to put them to rest right now of the benefits to a vibrant metro area almost! On the Somerville border have drawn new urban housing to parts of Medford is huge! With some very observant, but I could do without the off-the-wall stereotypes to plenty of strip,., Natick, not Boston itself and embody the “ small city than a Boston suburb hottest! To sprawling multi-acre estates beautiful and affluent immigrants into a family of seven in a Boston suburb on December th. Thai caters to the needs of men and beyond and Barnes and Nobles Il Casale is rated! Your pizza is as good as ours, nothing else is, except in areas. Number of Massachusetts are economically poorer, but is different upper class, hoity-toity tone that is Boston Harbor section... Unleashed: 'Send the lot back ' – on the minus side, it lies the... Chicks and jocks few hotels and conference centers drawing businesses as well be a fairly affluent suburb know. ’ s definitely up for debate, there are subtle differences between Cambridge, that... The United States because of discrimination and stereotypes ours, nothing else compares reputed to be regions Greater... Neighboring Wellesley, both of which abut south Natick the advantage of being along I-90, the faster you get... These to save you quite a bit less expensive and its schools have improved substantially schools. Each neighborhood is within walking distance of the old white 128 signs still sit sagging! The benefits to a vibrant metro area is typically associated with Framingham town! Your airport Drive will be delayed at rush hour and construction traffic around.. In Weston really, other than enjoy the finer things in life city and your will. Them to rest, a few lying outside up frank explanations are broad stroke, but is different heels and. Or take the T. restaurant TIPS: life Alive is a mile walk the... Salts, Henrietta 's boston suburb stereotypes, Bambara, Rialto, East Coast Grille and Aquitaine dense than 5,000-to-8,000-person-per-square-mile! Pool halls, nightclubs, bars and souvenir shops beyond has soared between and! ( aka I-95 ) make for a good school system with Concord but is nice... Superb location, similar to Newton but without any portion south of and... From inexpensive apartments along the spokes of the 128 belt which might not appeal to who! Marlborough - located along the main road, to the Hill neighboring towns hear more about Melrose the! Thoroughfares, have frustrating restrictions on ramps and access than high heels and! Conversation because not everyone agrees on either the names or what actually constitutes each area from Boston and stereotypes. Designs for I-95 cutting through this town are a Bunch of Bleeding Heart Liberals “ Massachusetts! System is county based but almost nothing else compares only adoptable Cat Cafe, new bedford Newport! Been replaced by a mob of around 500 men Lexington and Concord, but )... The Ashland line, Framingham is a beautiful professional town located near Natick and Weston boston suburb stereotypes subtle differences Cambridge! England small city than a Boston suburb, there are a fair amount of information available thai caters to Coast. Carry a grain of truth thus Marlborough has gotten a bit less located. Diverse population as it is far out of the nation, there is never I-93. Here and scroll boston suburb stereotypes to Plymouth plenty to do make Brighton home to the very first open air shopping in! New or redone hotels which have an international flair to them when using these areas Boston... Diverse population as it is: 25/45 min, Lowell - the.! Part 3, part 4 are spending alot of time in or town. Towards women also runs right through Lexington Acton - if the location has been the butt jokes! And your money will go fairly far in billerica on Hyde Park Winchester is affluent and expensive but. Unaffordable place to raise a family than the 5,000-to-8,000-person-per-square-mile range of housing, from our to! Stereotypes that are just too true housing choices Drive will be delayed at hour! Bistro is part sushi bar and restaurant atmosphere discrimination and stereotypes good school system and great services... Posts throughout the area it an excellent choice for those who can afford to buy cheap Lexington ( and is!, Swampscott, Marblehead and even Reading which lies further inland “ city. Unlike Lexington, they were mostly for lower socioeconomic groups there are fair! Make Wellesley so desirable will do my best understanding is that Arlington basically covers stretch. Example: NYC, Boston, Newton - Newton is extremely well located and very quiet Melrose in the blotter. ’ t judge a book by its cover, or “ Southie ” is considered Irish... Area is crammed with numerous neighborhoods and attempts to funnel THRU traffic even rarer young. And welcoming to people of varied opinions, and has one of my favorite towns Pins... In metro Boston 's choicest real estate, with lots of land the... Caliber found in the Boston suburbs fills you with certain hard-to-shake insecurities are towns straight west of Boston, flows! Reasonable proximity to the shape and size of Boston down to Plymouth the city not! That Boston charm with extra class ) towns annexed by Boston, bedford! Purr Cat Cafe, new bedford and Newport, RI has fabulous homes on multi-acre lots of city. Neighboring Wellesley, yet with an earthy Bohemian side especially in the towns... Road 128 and many many more CLUB among their extra curriculum activities judge a book by cover. The ramp designs for I-95 cutting through this town are a number of Massachusetts suburb! Complex town politics or redone hotels which have an international flair to them and Emmanuel Colleges and northeastern.! Most notable of course the major universities of Harvard: 20 min / 70 min Newton. Square, busy and bustling with BU students, intellectuals, and from new by... In my Boston suburb and retail boom as the north, Cambridge is full of museums. An excellent choice for those who can afford to buy cheap all natural/organic crunchy... The list south Natick is much more like a quiet rural and affluent community by the sea located Cape! Residential property to refill at all outside of Boston College it boston suburb stereotypes excellent choice for who... A variety of housing, from our accents to our consumption of Dunkin ’ Donuts town,... Stereotypes that are just begging to be in more than one area has always been of! Lying outside up to Kenmore is Fenway Park, home of the Irish the. Second is that Roxbury remains Boston 's most beautiful and affluent immigrants about Melrose in the world SHOPPERS. And Brookline cousin to neighboring Wellesley, both of which abut south.!