Our mixes are consistent and guaranteed to be as specified. Mix only as much mortar as you will use in 1 or 2 hours and do not add more water if mixture starts to get thick. Rapid Set 55 lb. Premium Mortar is a premixed, no-mess alternative to traditional thin-set mortars that require water and mixing. King Pea Gravel, 30 KG (56)-Compare. All of our premixed mortar is sold and shipped in heavy duty plastic bags, in boxes. If you buy premixed mortar then check the bag, it will list the PSI strength of the mix. A good outdoor hydrated lime mortar recipe is: 3 buckets of 5 gallon size of fine sand, 6.38 gallons of Portland cement and 1.2 gallons of hydrated lime. Ace Rewards members are eligible to receive free delivery on orders of $50 or more. It can also be mixed on-site, using a cement mixer or simply mixing with a shovel or hoe in a wheelbarrow or mixing tub. Check out our range of Mortar products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Modified thin-set mortar can be purchased at most home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.) Stucco Mix is used on exterior plastering applications where faster set times, higher strength, superior durability, minimal shrinkage, and reduced cracking are desired. Interior masonry work is done with mortar too. Thinset is a mortar that is made of Portland cement, silica sand, and moisture-retaining agents. Not recommended for mortar joints on the rest of the fireplace bricks or the outside walls of the outdoor fireplace. Vary the type based on the project requirements and materials your working with. Thinset mortar is your default tile mortar for most indoor and outdoor applications. Visit us today for the widest range of Mortar Products products. We do not recommend mastics and other premixed tile adhesives for use outdoors. Mortar is commonly sold in bags, in a dry pre-mixed form that you combine with water. 50 lb. King 1/2" Gravel, 30 KG (37)-Compare. Stucco Mix Rapid Set Stucco Mix is a pre-mixed stucco Rapid Set Stucco Mix is a pre-mixed stucco material blended with Rapid Set Cement, high quality plaster sand, and high performance additives. It … Participation and delivery area vary by store. Mix 1.5 parts Portland cement, 3 parts sand, 0.5 part hydrated lime. Thinset tile mortar has a smooth, slippery consistency, similar to mud. We proudly use Solomon colors for tinting. Thinset Tile Mortar . Free delivery offer excludes same day delivery. Sika Mix and Go (2)-Compare. There are many different types of mortar designed for different applications. Quikrete Hydraulic Water Stop Cement 9kg (2)-Showing 40 of 117 products . It is nonflammable and ready to use. mortar withstands temperatures up to 2800 degrees f. This high strength mortar is pre-mixed, ready to use and air-setting. Each blend is thoroughly mixed with locally sourced Portland Cement, Lime & fine grain sand, from the Meramec River. If you’re working on an outdoor project, keep in mind that lighter shades will show dirt more easily than a dark color. SAKRETE Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch 0.95L (80)-Compare. Be sure to tell the sales representative that you are undertaking an outdoor project so he or she can recommend the proper tile adhesive product. Outdoor Fireplace Firebrick Mortar is used only to adhere/cement firebrick to the interior walls of an outdoor fireplace to create a firebox. and tiling shops. Cement All Multi-Purpose Construction Material (409)-Compare.