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Transpologic is a new revolutionary reverse auction transport website! Our solution enables individuals and Canadian professionals to easily remain in touch with transport or moving companies. Notably, our solution helps in assisting the development of independent moving companies or small/medium sized transport companies. These companies are likely to respond to the various needs in the field of transport, and at lower cost.

For our customers who wish to ship or easily move cargo, our platform puts you in contact with many professional carriers across Canada. With our service, you can get prices up to 75% cheaper than usual thanks to delivery groupings as well as empty returns made daily by carriers. To do this, simply register on our site and submit a 100% free shipping request on our platform. All transport professionals or Canadian movers associated with our site can bid on your request to win the right to ship your product.

With this auction system, customers benefit from the most competitive prices that exist on the market. They also benefit from a quick and easy solution for all their shipping needs in Canada.

For our carriers, they have the ability to easily get in touch with clients from across Canada without having to invest in costly marketing campaigns. This leads to not only unprecedented and effective savings, but also a truly revolutionary service.

Transpologic is the best solution because it allows carriers and shippers in Canada to get in touch quickly and efficiently! Like this, everybody wins!

What kinds of cargo can be shipped using Transpologic’s transport and moving services?

As long as a transport carrier or a moving company is available, it is possible to transport any kind of cargo easily and quickly across Canada. At Transpologic you can find professionals in the moving and transport field in your city or across the country. Whether it be experts in the transportation of goods, delivery vehicles or heavy equipment, we assure your cargo will be handled by qualified and confident professional carriers. They will help you ship your cargo to the destination of your choice and at a lower than normal price!

Transport and moving options offered by Transpologic

For all your home relocation needs
Full move
Save money on your small removals and part load delivery requirement
Partial move
Ship your car across Canada or transport your automotive vehicle locally
Car & motocycle
Save on RV Transport When You List Your RV for Shipment on transpologic
The smarter way to arrange fragile goods transport do it with transpologic
Fragile & complex cargo
Moving and pets in canada
Courier & LTL
Courier & LTL

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Who are we?

Transpologic is a unique virtual marketplace on the web as we offer a place of contact between carriers and customers so that they can more easily get into professional contact with each other.

This revolutionary solution allows customers to receive professional transport and moving services at lower cost, without any surprises. For transport companies, it allows them to maximize unused space in their vehicles while maintaining high profits and unsurpassed profitability.

So if you are a small carrier and you have your own logistic facilities or fleet of vehicles, we can help you find customers so you never have to make your trips in an empty truck.

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The advantages of Transpologic for those seeking transport & moving services

With our online solution, Transpologic finally gives you an ideal, easy and fast solution for all your transport and moving service needs!

No more countless solicitations and multiple appointments with transport companies. No more wasting precious time doing research on the company offering the best price to quality ratio in Canada.

With Transpologic, you can do everything in one click!

Register for our online platform for free, post a request and find the perfect company for all your transportation needs!

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The advantages of Transpologic for transport companies

Transpologic is also the ideal solution for small and medium enterprises specialized in transport or moving services in Canada.

Does your company often make empty trips with your fleets? Do you often still have room in your vehicles when carrying cargo, supplies or merchandise?

With Transpologic, you can stop making empty, unprofitable trips! Enjoy the many requests posted online to fill up your trucks at any time and maximize your profits!

Keep in mind that these same customers will remember your company when they need to make a shipment!

See all the advantages on the page:

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Who we aren’t

Cheap Ways To Move Across Country

Transpologic offers a matchmaking platform to put those seeking transport and moving services in contact with professionals in the field. Our goal is to offer both parties a solution adapted to their needs.

We are not a platform for the co-transportation of goods, a middleman or a subcontractor. We are also not an advertising company and therefore, we don’t want your money! That’s why we don’t take any deposit on transport and moving services. The payment options are pre-set between you and the carrier, and take place outside of our website.

Transpologic: The ideal economic and ecological solution?

One of the major concerns of our company is respecting the environment. We are aware that roadway transport is one of the most underestimated sources of pollution and greenhouse gases caused by millions of vehicles carrying goods daily.

Few people know the number of empty (or almost empty) runs made daily by professionals in the transportation industry. If a moving truck carrying family furniture makes a trip of 500 kilometers, it has to make the return trip back to its starting point. This return trip forces the truck to consume almost as much fuel as the original, and the driver must also be paid. In the example above, a 500km trip with a heavy truck is equivalent to 415 emissions (kg CO2 eq)    

A kilometer is equivalent to:

• 0.18kg of greenhouse gases emitted by a compact car
• 0.20kg of greenhouse gases emitted in intermediate car
• 0.24kg of greenhouse gas emitted by SUV

With Transpologic’s solution, we help carriers find shipments with delivery point on their routes. In carrying cargo at a reduced rate, carriers may offset the fuel costs related to the return trip. The journeys are then more efficient and less polluting!

By optimizing the efficiency of each shipment and ensuring that fewer empty trips are made, we help reduce harmful pollution to the environment.

Every day, Transpologic works to reduce the carbon footprint by saving fuel in the transportation of goods. We want to ensure that packages can be shipped cheaply without compromising reliability, while focusing on a more efficient transportation that is less harmful to the environment and the climate! We believe that reducing the number of inefficient journeys on the roads is in the public’s interest.

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