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Transport & moving companies: The advantage of Transpologic

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The bidding service for transport and moving companies at Transpologic allows Canadian transporters to easily find customers from one coast to another, and it's free! With the Transpologic bidding service you can make your deliveries more cost effective by transporting additional cargo while increasing your earnings. By working with the innovative bidding services put forward by Transpologic, you have access to a primary market on a national level, allowing you to save on expenditures of promotion and marketing!

Better yet, Transpologic can help you find additional shipments in specific locations so you never go back home with an empty transport truck!

All shipping companies have to do and is enroll in our innovative service at Transpologic and offer their transport services to requests published by individual senders.

Transport and moving company registration for bidding services

Registration for our transport-bidding platform is completely free; we do not charge any subscription fee. Our fees are summed up in a small percentage taken from your earnings during the transportation or moving contract, and only when you accept the offer of transport that will be managed by Transpologic.

The primary goal of our transportation bidding service is to help you maximize your income during transport or moving trips that you had already planned, not to impose other expenses!

Look for business opportunities among the online shipping requests 

What can you expect from our bidding service?

Pretty much everything, it mainly depends on your specialty in the shipping field and the organization of your business. Our customer base is very diverse and the shipping and transportation needs are also very diverse: from simple transportation of commercial goods to moving to a new home.

Simply offer your services according to the different requests available on our platform to be able to get a contract.

Look for business opportunities among the online shipping requests

With Transpologic, you only have to make an offer on the deliveries you want to take on

With our service, you only need to make an offer to transport cargo that you are willing and eager to accept; this lets you avoid wasting time and money. Like you, we know that in the field of freight transport and moving, time is precious. Therefore we make the effort to prevent you from losing money on resources and a delivery that is not advantageous for your transport company.

With our service, you can submit a bid to meet the need of transporting furniture, bulk goods, livestock, cars, machinery and equipment, etc. The nature of the posted cargo transport request is extremely varied and depends solely on your ability to deliver them.

Whether you specialize in short distance transport, ​​domestic moving, or you carrying heavy loads from coast to coast, you will find our site contains a variety of transport offers and you will have the opportunity to bid on those that fit your preferences and your abilities.

How can you save money on transport and freight delivery?

In simple terms, with our revolutionary bidding service for transport and moving companies it is quite possible that you never again have to make trips on a half full truck.

We help you to find paying customers to whom you can offer a reduced rate in exchange for the use of transport resources that would otherwise go unused.

Far from losing money by agreeing to make deliveries at a discount, carriers that do business with our bidding service promote the efficient unused space of an already planned transport route by accepting additional cargo that will fill the remaining vacant space in their transport vehicle.

With a few clicks, transport and moving companies can find shipments near their next delivery point, near their warehouse, or on the way back.

Transport and moving companies can, even if they accept a contract at a discounted rate, cover the fuel and labour costs, thus significantly increasing your total profit for the same transport trip!

The 5 main advantages of Transpologic’s bidding service for transport companies

1. Transpologic helps transport companies find clients


Transpologic freely lets your buisness get in contact with many potential customers who are looking daily for economic shipping and moving solutions. Thus it will be possible to prove the extent of your efficiency by offering an adapted servce!

2. Transpologic optimises all of your transportation routes


Nothing is more frustrating for a transport company than having to make a delivery with a half full vehicle or having to return to your warehouse with an empty truck! This equates to higher fuel expense, wasted time and  increased wear-and-tear of your vehicles without any incrased profit! With some additional packages or partial cargo transportation, you might cover your costs and ensure the profitability of your shipping routes. 

3. Transpologic lets you make more money


Since it is possible to find additional shipments in your area of interest, you can maximize your revenue. This is the advantage we offer to transport companies and above all through our bidding and reverse auction system.

4. Transpologic protects the environment


Throughout Canada we are actively working to ensure more efficient shipping solutions that cause less pollution. Deliveries by motorvehicles are a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions in North America. Inefficiencies in the field of freight transport and the moving industry causes this high rate of pollution. Taking into account the delivery requirements and practices in place to satisfy customers, we realize that most carriers run at reduced capacity. Remember that freight transport is an important cause related to climate change, air pollution and water pollution.

By choosing to do business with us, you can help our planet.


5. Transpologic gives you systems of communication


Transpologic offers an online chat system that allows the sender and the carrier to exchange information, to ask additional questions about the transport request, the pickup time, the nature of objects being shipped, insurance, etc. Transpologic suggests you contact the sender prior to the transportation of their goods to ensure that the work is done in such a way that everyone is satisfied. 

Your discussions are stored online and can be used for all your future shipping requests.

How can I ensure the reliability of a sender?

First, we ensure the monitoring of all customer and carrier interactions. However, we know that it is not sufficient to completely assure company returns for an individual looking for a carrier or a mover

That's why we encourage all those who book their shipping via our Transpologic’s bidding platform to leave detailed comments on their experience and evaluate all senders. You just need to consult the ratings and recommendations given to a shipper to determine if you are comfortable working with them.

To ensure your complete satisfaction with the use of our online bidding platform, consider the previous customer evaluations on Transpologic. This will help you with the final decision to accept or refuse a shipping or moving request from a sender.

If for whatever reason you have doubts about a shipping demand or specific moving contract, we advise you to request additional information from the sender, and to properly document all your interactions with different senders.

Do you want to know more about the Transpologic bidding service for transport and moving companies?

See our FAQ page specifically for transport companies to view all the options available to all transport and moving companies. To learn more about the benefits using the Transpologic bidding service, please use our online chat system to talk with one of our bilingual representatives.

Or contact us directly if you wish!