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The price of movers and carriers: Everything and more can be found in our FAQ

At Transpologic, we offer the answers to all your questions about shipment requests and carrier/mover services offered at our company, as well as information on the prices of movers and carriers. Choose a category from the menu and check out the most frequently asked questions below.

  • What are the advantages for shippers who are registered the Transpologic website?

    There are many advantages to registering on our online platform. The price of offered services is a primary one, as is the ease with which you can find a moving company or reliable carrier. Moreover, it is no longer necessary to consult all the existing companies in Canada to find the service you need, because you will quickly and easily find what you need on the Transpologique website.

    Registration on this website takes less than 2 minutes and you don’t have to pay any fees. Once you’ve registered, it’s easy to submit a FREE shipping request  to safely ship your shipment and/or cargo. Once your online request has been submitted, you’ll receive quotations from carriers and movers across the Canada. All your information is protected by our team. It will not be disclosed to the movers or carriers after your request has been submitted.

    Visit the page: Is my information secure?
    Once the delivery has been carried out, you can review and evaluate the carrier or moving company with which you have done business with to help prospective users in their research...

    With Transpologic, it has never been easier to find a service provider for your needs!

  • Are there additional fees added to the cost of my delivery?

    As the sender, you can submit your online shipping request for FREE. We serve as an intermediary and charge nothing more than the price fixed by the carrier or mover you choose for your delivery.

  • How can I update my profile?

    In your account, on the top right corner, click on "PROFILE SETTINGS”. In this section, there is all the information you need to fill out to 100% complete your profile. You can add photos and edit your profile information at any time.

  • Is my information secure?

    At Transpologic we make it our business to secure all your personal information, so that it remains confidential. All information, such as your email, your address are never given to carriers or movers once they have accepted your price offer.

    ** The minimum displayed in your profile is your first and last name, telephone number (for members only) and the postal code of your city.

  • What are your company’s areas of operation?

    Need movers in Quebec City? Or a carrier to deliver something to Ottawa? Or maybe commercial transportation between Vancouver and Montreal? No problem! The Transpologique company provides services across all of Canada!

    Whatever your needs, Transpologique is the answer to all your transportation problems in Canada.

  • How can I submit my shipping request and receive bids?

    Nothing is more simple than submitting a request on our site and receiving price quotes from movers and transporters present on our site! Once registered and logged in to your account, you have the possibility to post a request on the home page. You can also submit your application by going to your profile and clicking on "Post an ad" in the upper right hand corner of the page.

  • Can I search and invite movers or carriers to submit an offer?

    The answer to this question is yes! On our online platform, you can search for movers and carriers by clicking on "Find a Carrier" in the top menu of the page. You then have the option to search by Province or username to identify the company that best suits you. Once the carrier or the mover is selected, you can access the company's profile and send a request "I would like to get a quote from this carrier" in order to receive a price quote.

  • How can I configure notification alerts?

    On your Transpologique account you must click the “Profile Settings” tab to reach the relevant page. At the bottom of this page you will be able to change your notification settings.

  • What can I do when the carrier or mover has no feedback/evaluations?

    After each shipping has been carried out, we request an evaluation for each party to see the satisfaction of the service. This assessment allows both shippers and carriers to show their respective quality, which facilitates the provision of future services. In some cases, it is possible that the carrier is new to the site and it has not yet received an evaluation and/or comment.

    If this is the case, you can evaluate the offer for yourself by visiting the company profile and asking additional questions on the online chat. You can accept their services if you think they are the best company for the job.

  • How can I know more about the carrier or mover that made an offer on the delivery of my cargo?

    You can at any time access the transportation or moving company’s profile. You can find such information such as “Business information”, ”Area & Pricing”, ”Transport information”  as well as "Description".

     In case you do not find the information you can get in touch with the transportation or moving company via our online chat system.


  • What can I do if the price or delivery dates aren’t right for me?

    When a transportation or moving offer is received, but you want to request a date change or you wish to receive a new offer, made a request in the " Questions or comments " section, which is found in your active shipping request.

  • And if I have additional questions to ask before accepting the final offer?

    If you want to ask additional questions before accepting of the offers you’ve received, you can submit your request in the " Questions or comments " section. Like this, it will be possible to discuss any questions, suggestions or negotiations regarding the price or the date of service with the transportation or moving company.

    Note that for the purpose of protection against fraud, you cannot make any attempt to get in touch directly with the carrier or moving company, under penalty of removal from the website. See our policy.


  • How can I see and accept offers I’ve received from carriers and movers?

    To view price offers received, simply visit your account at the top right corner and click on "my ads." In this section you will find all your requests and submissions made by the transportation and moving companies. If an offer suits you, simply choose " Accept this offer " otherwise, we suggest you discuss with the service provider in the "Questions or comments" section.

  • How do payments work with carriers and movers?

    Once you’ve accepted the offer price from the carrier, you will receive a confirmation PDF directly on your account. In this confirmation you will get complete information about the carrier or moving company and your previous agreement. For payment, you must get into contact with the carrier/moving company in order to comply with the payment terms detailed out in advance. Payment is done outside of our platform.

    In case of change, it will be possible to directly contact the service provider. 


  • Do I need to create a new account to become a carrier/mover?

    At Transpologic, you can easily upgrade your account to become a carrier or mover. To do this, simply go to the "Profile settings" section and click on "Switch to carrier mode." You can then complete your profile to submit quotations for your services.

  • Is it possible to delete or modify my shipping request?

    If you want to edit or delete a request you’ve submitted, simply log in to your account to access your request. Once logged in, click on "my ads" and select the request you want to edit or delete. On the request, you will find the "Edit my ad" tab that allows you to make changes or deletions.

  • How to contact Transpologic?

    At Transpologic, we are proud to offer an online chat service to respond quickly to any questions. To contact us, click on the "live chat" in the top menu. In case any member of our team is unavailable, it is always possible to write to

Transpologic’s FAQ specifically for carrier and moving companies: learn about quotes, fees and more

Get answers to your questions about shipping requests and various transport services offered at Transpologic. Choose a category from the menu and check out the most frequently asked questions by carriers & moving companies below.

  • What are the advantages for carriers & movers of being registered with Transpologic?

    There are many benefits for carriers or moving companies who are registered with us. Whether you are a commercial freight transportation company or an independent moving company, registering on the Transpologic platform lets you find many shipment requests across Canada.

    Put yourself in the shoes of an individual who’s searching for the lowest rates available to start their moving process. Nowadays, small families often have to look for weeks to find the most competitive rates in the moving market. Transpologic’s solution is well suited to help shippers seeking an effective solution while also helping carriers maximize their delivery routes.

    Registering as a carrier or moving company on Transpologic is easy and convenient, here's why:

    1. Registration as a carrier or moving company takes less than 2 minutes to complete.
    2. Carriers and moving companies can make offers on requests that best suit them and give quotes that seem most fair.
    3. All carrier information is fully protected and will not be disclosed to the customer after confirmation of their shipping request. This confirmation solidifies the acceptance price for the moving or transportation of goods.
    4. Transpologic allows transport and moving companies to organize their trips according to their preferences. This also allows them to maximize their income by finding additional contracts that will fill their trucks.
  • I am a small local moving company, am I eligible to register on Transpologic as a carrier?

    All people with physical and/or suitable means of transport for operations such as the moving or the transportation of goods on a small, medium or large scale can register for free on our website. Whether you’re an individual, self-employed, small, medium or large business, you are free to set your requirements and ask for quotes that seem most fair.

    For example, a small trucking company can set flexible moving rates depending on the final destination of the sender.

    In the end the important thing is to optimise your registration on Transpologic so as to offer a professional service while giving advantageous quotes to shippers!

  • How can I update my transport or mover company profile?

    Nothing could be easier! In the administration panel of the account you created for your business, in the top right corner click on "Profile Settings". In this section, you will find all the information you need to fill out and complete the profile of your transport company and/or moving company. You can always add photos to your profile and change related information.

  • Why do I have the choice to use a pseudonym or the name of my company?

    On Transpologic, we offer you the opportunity to choose the name you want to display to senders. So, you can choose to use a pseudonym in order to keep the actual name of your transport or moving business anonymous. You can also make the choice to use your company name as an identifier so that it is visible to everyone.

    Note that your profile pictures cannot in any way contain trademarks, company names, logos and phone number. In this way, we guarantee that all of our partner carriers enjoy a healthy and fair competition, alongside the ability to give desired quotes.

  • What information is secure on the public profile of my transport and/or moving company?

    Personal information (such as email, first and last name, address, postal code, city, phone number, the official name of your company, your website, etc.) is 100% secure information.

    All information will be revealed to the sender that you have chosen, after agreeing to the terms of agreement linking you to each other. At this point, the fee for the completion of your agreement will have already been set.

    To all our partners registered as carriers: specialized transport companies, moving companies and private carriers, the minimum that will be displayed on your public profile will be:

    • Your username (pseudonym)

    • Your seniority in the field of shipping or moving

    • Your specializations (complete moves, recreational vehicles, fragile/complex goods, etc.)

    • Type of service offered

    • Relative Insurance information

    • How you are registered (business, self-employed, etc.)

    • Area(s) of operation

    • Fixed rate

    • Vehicle(s) available

    • Payment method

    • Type of transport offered

    • Any other comments you deem relevant

  • What is your area of operation for the matchmaking service between carriers & movers and customers?

    Do you offer moving services at a competitive rates in the Montreal area? Or maybe your company deals with the transport of agricultural goods in the Canadian prairies, or commercial moving at a fixed price in the Vancouver area? No problem, Transpologic offers its pairing and bidding request services across all of Canada!

  • On the website, where should I go to find shipping requests, moving requests and all otheropportunities for my business?

    To access our growing client base, you must simply be connected to your carrier account and be available on our website. You can then click on "Find shipments" displayed in the main header of the top of the page.

  • Where can I configure my notification settings?

    On your Transpologic account, you must click on "Profile Settings". At the bottom of the page you can enable or disable the various notifications offered by our service.

  • A sender contacted me to get a quote for a move, but when I check their profile I found that they did not have any evaluations, what can I do?

    After each contract between carriers and shippers, we urge both parties to assess their mutual satisfaction. It is possible that the sender is newly registered on the site and therefore does not have any reviews and/or comments associated with their profile.

    You can in this case look at their profile and assess for yourself if it they are a potential customer for you.

    If necessary, do not hesitate to ask additional questions to sender.

  • How can I learn more about a sender?

    You can access their full profile by clicking their nickname. You will find their public information including:

    • Name

    • Postal code

    If the information you are looking for cannot be found, you can always chat with them online via our live chat service.

  • I have additional questions to ask before making my final quote to a potential customer, what should I do?

    A "Questions or comments" section is at your disposal on the shipping request. Like this you can chat with the sender regarding all the details you’re unsure about in order to reach an agreement with them. For example, you can discuss different rates for a move, special requirements for the transport of cargo or specify the details of what your rates comprise of for a particular transport job.

    Please Note: For the purpose of fraud protection, you cannot make any attempt to get in touch directly with shippers, under penalty of immediate and irrevocable removal from our website; see our User Policy to learn more.

  • I found an interesting request, but the date and/or registered fees do not suit me, what can I do?

    Of course, it is very important to read the whole request! If you want to request a date change, or want to propose a different price from that suggested by the applicant (in case of a fixed price), it is possible to contact them via the " Questions or comments " section, which is clearly shown on the sender’s shipping request.

  • I am a carrier and I just offered an unbeatable price to a sender. Am I sure to win the shipping contract if I offered the best price?

    No, the final choice always comes back to the sender. Several factors may influence their choice. Here are a few:

    • The experience of the carrier or the moving company

    • Evaluation of shippers who have already done business with a carrier

    • The level of detail of the public profile of the carrier

    • Images publicly provided by the carrier

    • The accepted payment methods and types of fares available

    • The types of services offered

    • Insurance included with the transport

  • How do I know if my transport quote was accepted by the sender?

    You have access to offers accepted on your profile. You can also receive notification via your email address if you wish. Also, if time is allocated by the Transpologic team we call carriers to mention that their offer was accepted.

    ** Check your account settings to get notifications.

  • How to view my offers and/or cancel them?

    On your account, in the top right corner, click on "my bids". In this section, you will find all your requests and all your bids. If the offer no longer suits you, you can simply and at any time amend or cancel your submission of transport.

  • How will the sender pay the required fees?

    Once the customer and the carrier agree on a price, both parties will receive confirmation on their respective account. All the necessary customer information will be shown and the inventory of your previous agreements will be downloadable via a PDF file. The customer will need to pay you the previously agreed upon fees outside our platform, under the established and negotiated terms of the departure. You will need to get in touch with them for the final payment. If there are any changes, you can contact the customer directly.

  • What are the rates charged for the use of the Transpologic Service?

    We are proud to offer you a service without subscription fees and registration fees.

    You have nothing to pay to bid on our platform. However, if your quote is accepted, you will need to pay a small commission rate to access detailed customer information. You will pay these transaction fees only if you make sales!

  • The customer refused to do business with me, can I be reimbursed?

    We understand that there are special cases and we will do everything in our power to help you. To request a refund, repayment conditions must be met and you need to submit a request to our customer service department.

    In this way, you can find more information on our refund policy.

    ** Note that it is impossible to leave comments and/or feedback if transport was not carried out.

  • Is Transpologic responsible in cases of disagreement?

    Unfortunately, Transpologic is not responsible in case of disagreement between a carrier and a shipper. The role of our business is to connect shippers and carriers. We cannot be responsible for your profits, damages, losses of goods or delivery delays, etc.

  • Do I need to create a new account to become a sender?

    No, you can change your account to "sender" mode. To do this, go to your "Profile Settings" and click "Switch to shipper mode."

  • How can I contact Transpologic?

    We are proud to offer a live online chat service. To contact us, please click on "Online Support" in the top menu. If our team is not available, you can always write to us at