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Transpologic: Find moving quotes across Canada

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At Transpologic we know it can be difficult and painful to find a transport or moving company who will complete all your deliveries. Looking for quotes when moving across Canada can be confusing and stressful. Whether you are in search of a competent and trusted moving company, or in search of the best price to quality ratio, looking for a fast and economical moving service can be a complex task.

That is why we have created an online solution for shippers and moving companies to get in touch quickly and easily.

Shippers in Canada: How to find a transport or moving company for an economical move

With Transpologic you can get the simplest, quickest and cheapest solution for all your transportation and moving needs. Our service gives you the opportunity to move all types of cargo such as furniture, materials, or various merchandise through professional and qualified transportation services.

To use our service, you simply submit a request for your shipping needs as well as the desired type of transportation on our unique virtual marketplace. Transportation and/or moving professionals submit their best quotes to try to secure the transportation of your cargo.

Moving and transportation quotes: Register and submit a request across Canada

As a sender, enrollment in our platform is completely free and we do not require any subscription fees. Our goal is to help you save money on your move or transport and nothing more! By registering on our online platform, you can enjoy a fast and cheap transport service!


The 5 main advantages for shippers

1. Transpologic lets you save time


There is now no need to call every transportation or relocation company listed in the phonebook. No more making extensive research online every time you move, send a package, cargo, or material, etc.


Our goal is to allow you to display a request for transportation or moving online with photos and a complete description all in just a few clicks. So you will not need to repeat the same thing 3-4 times over the phone or make an appointment to receive a quote. Like this you don’t need to change your schedule around simply to receive a quote from a moving or transportation company.

With Transpologic, save time thanks to our online solution.

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2. Transpologic lets you save money


The advantage of Transpologic is to offer you a reverse auction system allowing you to enjoy preferential quotes for your transport or moving needs. Since it is possible to receive quotes from companies who have already planned to make deliveries in your area of interest, the actual costs of delivery are reduced and you enjoy great savings. This means they can quote you prices that are 75% cheaper than traditional rates, while still making a profit. You have the ability to ship your goods with a reliable carrier at rates significantly reduced.

With Transpologic, save money on your transports.

3. Transpologic protects your information. 


All your personal data is kept in strict confidence. All your information is protected through the implementation of only the best practices available in information security. Only the necessary information (your name, postal code or city) will be disclosed during the call for tenders. This way, you can browse our website safely. 

* Only the carrier that you have decided to choose to perform your "request for transportation or move" will have access to the majority of your information.

4. Transpologic offers you communication systems.


Transpologic offers an online chat system that allows the sender and the carrier to exchange information on the transport service or desired move. In this way, it is possible to discuss the transport arrangements, such as pickup time, the nature of the objects to be transported, insurance, etc. Thus it will be possible to clarify all questions or concerns you may have about the transport or moving service. This will allow you to ensure that work is completed satisfactorily and quickly.

All your discussions remain online and can be used for future professionals interested in your transportation or moving request

5. Transpologic protects the environment


At Transpologic, we are actively working to ensure greener transportation in Canada. Deliveries by roadways are a leading cause of greenhouse gas emission in North America. Inefficiency makes this industry a highly polluting one. If one takes into account delivery times and requirements in place to satisfy customers, we realize that most carriers run at reduced capacity. Keep in mind that transport is one of the causes related to climate change, air pollution and water pollution

By choosing to do business with the Transpologic solution, you contribute to helping our planet while saving money on your move or transport service.

Need to know more about the reliability of a transport company?

At Transpologic, the satisfaction of our customers is our number one commitment. For this, we ensure careful control of all interactions between shippers and carriers. To allow you to find the most advantageous transport or moving solution, we have implemented a star rating system. We encourage people who book their shippings with Transpologic to leave detailed feedback on their experience, and to evaluate carriers individually based on their actual performance. In this way, you can make the final decision to entrust your package or shipment to a carrier and take account of their current quote and previous guest ratings.

If for some reason you have doubts about a specific company, we advise you to request additional information and to properly document your interactions before finalizing your agreement.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us

Do you have questions about our services? Need more information about one of the carriers and movers who have given you a quote? Or do you have questions about our reverse auction system? Contact one of our bilingual Transpologic representatives via our online chat or email us at 

For more information please have a look at our FAQ page.

With Transpologic, you can enjoy a cheap and fast solution for all your transportation or moving needs.