Each plank has 3 nails at 10 different spots. I wonder if you have any experience with the exotic hardwoods like Tigerwood. However, rebuilding is the only way to guarantee you’ll get decades of life out of your Trex deck investment. In addition to deck building and deck resurfacing, we also build Cedar Wood Fences. Talk to the experts at Woodcraft Design & … Resurfacer wood stains provide a durable coating for worn and weathered wood and concrete. Resurfacing an existing deck can cost as little as 1/3 of the cost of total replacement. QuickCap resurfaces the top of old, wood decking. Concrete Pool Deck Options: Resurfacing, Repair & Refinishing. After you have laid the EPDM sheet, simply lay a new deck surface using modular wood deck tiles or 3/4” thick porcelain pavers on top. Deck restoration paint for old wooden structures presents a perfect option other than replacing your deck. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS! Fully opaque, the fine texture helps to hide surface imperfections. Specifically, “wood deck resurfacers”. Here’s where you have a few options. See more ideas about Backyard patio, Patio design, Backyard. The Various Types of Pool deck resurfacing Options for Pool Owners. The deck sealer's primary purpose is to lock out moisture from penetrating the wood and causing decays or defects in the deck wood. It is far too easy to damage the deck by zealously power washing it, applying a stain to wood that is or already rotten, or deck staining before it is dry are common mistakes & in some cases, are not suitable deck rehab options. There are a number of reasons someone might wish to resurface a deck. ArmorDeck Industrial Strength Wood Stain. By contacting a reputable and professional decorative concrete service, they will inspect your existing surfaces to determine your available options. It’s true that today you can find many options for wood deck coatings. Resurfacing can be done by a professional carpenter but is also very doable by the intermediate DIYer. Start your planning your deck resurfacing project today with our free online deck estimator tool. Before a pool deck repair project is started, the initial step is to find out what caused the damage to the pool deck surface. Restore your old deck or replace it with trex composite or wood. Olympic ® RESCUE IT! Specifically, “wood deck resurfacers”. Apr 28, 2018 - Explore Erica Rohde's board "Deck Resurfacing" on Pinterest. Just be sure to thoroughly inspect the framing of the deck before you begin, so you can address any problem areas right up front. Wood Deck Resurfacing Options by: Editor - Rich Bergman Pressure treated wood does tend to split more over time compared to other woods such as cedar, hardwoods and composites. There are a few things to keep in mind if you're looking to replace or repair existing deck boards, or install new deck … I’ve tried lots of different sealers all with the same results. This "Wood Deck Coating Options" graphic has 15 dominated colors, which include Fife, Tin, Pansy Petal, Presumption, Steel, Loulou, Synallactida, Worn Wooden, Dwarf Fortress, Snowflake, Thamar Black, White, Sunny Pavement, Ivory, Vapour. Staining, painting, and finishing your deck is not as easy as some homeowners assume. It makes so beautiful color combination inspired from this image. The deck isn’t that old but has not been well maintained so the surface boards are weather worn. Deck Sealer is a transparent finish that is either absorbed by the wood or remains glued on the surface of the deck wood. In fact, there were no wood deck coatings on the market at all. The existing boards were attached with decking (spiral) nails. Call Us to Today Discuss Deck Refinishing. That wasn’t the case when I began developing my first coating product back in 1997. All it takes is a little know-how and elbow grease to get the job done. I’m tired of all the work and I need some wood deck resurfacing ideas. Could I have known that my deck needed resurfacing before my 10 ... have to replace the deck or cover it with outdoor tiles. Both decking options will provide long-lasting outdoor living. Entertaining is not an option when you have a demolished lounging area. Deck boards can sustain a great deal of wear and tear over time, and many homeowners ultimately face the choice of exploring new and replacement options for their decking surfaces. Nothing can dampen a summer more than making your pool inaccessible with a complete teardown of the deck. Wood that has been neglected, can be expensive to restore or replace. Resurfacing is definitely an option. Deck paint for old wood is a great alternative to replacing your deck. Deck Repair, Deck Restore, Board replacement, Build new deck, wooden deck, composite deck. I'm replacing the boards on my wood deck, as the old ones are rotten. Whether you want your pool deck to look brand-new or prefer a dramatic new appearance with slate, tile, wood or a colorful coating, your deck resurfacing options are virtually endless. And there’s not a lot of difference in the cost. March 10, 2017 12:33 pm One solution to cracked, rough and discolored pool decks is pool deck resurfacing. Natural wood is more affordable and can be painted or stained any color. If you want to get back the deck you had when you first moved into your house, you still can. ® MAX, with primer and sealant included, fills cracks up to ¼” and locks down splinters, in addition to adding one of these 142 colors. Wooden decks are prone to decay and sagging. Our 5-STEP Resurfacing System will get your old deck looking like new in no time. That wasn’t the case when I began developing my first coating product back in 1997. DEAR TIM: My wood deck sits in the sun all day with no shade. It’s now treated lumber and requires sealing every other year. Pool Deck Resurfacing Ideas. Fortunately, concrete can mimic the beauty of wood and have the durability of stone to be resistant to any pool deck damage. It is non-toxic, VOC-free and one-gallon covers nearly 150-200 square feet, and as a bonus, it gives the wood you apply it on a silver or brownish finish, depending on what the wood color is. In fact, there were no wood deck coatings on the market at all. Step 1 - Prep Work. Power washing can be a very effective way to deep-clean a deck, but it can also easily damage the wood if it's done improperly. Give us a call and we will help you decide if deck resurfacing is a viable option for you. This article also describes about some pros and cons of each options of pool deck resurfacing.

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